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#56 - Tips to Consume More Content

As creators, it's important that we don't just create content but we also consume it. So, in this week's edition I cover four tips that help me consume more content.

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As creators, it's important that we don't just create content but we also consume it. The content we consume influences the content we create; whether that be the actual information we put in the content or the overall direction and style of the writing, video editing, or photography. Regardless of where the influence shows up, it is undoubtedly there.

So, the question becomes in the busy lives we all lead, how can we consume more content without sacrificing the work we do and the content we create? So, in this week's edition, I want to share four methods so you can fit more content consumption into your day.

More specifically I'm going to be focusing on reading books because without a doubt they're still one of the greatest sources of knowledge and have stood the test of time for a reason. I'm going to be approaching this from an eBook/Kindle angle but these methods should hold up for physical books as well. 😊

1. Before Sleeping

Before going to sleep is one of the best times to read a book, not only is it a perfect time to get some undisturbed reading in. It'll also help you unwind from the day and get ready to sleep; it'll also likely help your quality of sleep improve due to reducing the amount of blue light you're exposed to as well.

So, what is there not to like; more books read, knowledge acquired, and better sleep health. Win, Win, Win!

2. Replace Idle Time

We all have "dead" time in our day; whether it be waiting for the kettle to boil, dinner to cook, or something else where we have a spare five or ten minutes to kill. So, why not use this time to our advantage; instead of browsing socials or playing a game for that time, pick up your book and read a few pages. Do this for all the "dead" time and you'll fly through chapters!

3. With Your Lunch

In a similar vein to the last point, instead of watching videos or scrolling through infinity pools while eating your lunch, read a chapter or two of your book. Now, I'll admit this point is more valid for eBooks than physical books where it's easier to operate the book with one hand. But, it is possible to eat and read at the same time, after all, people were doing this before eBooks and Kindles were a thing.

4. While In Transit

The final point I have for today is one of the more common ones people do and that's to fill your travel time with reading. If you use public transport at all whether that be trains, buses, metro services, or even private hire vehicles like taxis or Ubers; it is the perfect time to space out and turn a few pages or chapters!

These four methods are just some of the ways you can fit more reading and ultimately content consumption into your day, there are definitely more ways you can do it as well. So, I'd love to know did I include any methods you use. If not, why not reply to this email and let me know your favorite method to get more content consumption into your day?

As always, thank you for reading.

Coner x

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