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About Me

Hello, I'm Coner, a full-stack developer, freelancer, technical writer, and content creator from Norwich, UK.

From my early teens, I've always had a passion for technology and computers whether it be tinkering with websites and computers or playing games.

And, ever since those early days, I've always been involved with computers in some way whether it be building and managing them, gaming on them, or coding websites and applications.

But, since 2019/20 I doubled down on development and have gained extensive experience in the JavaScript/TypeScript ecosystem which I leverage to build out exciting ideas and visions to solve real-world problems and challenges.

Outside of development, I also do freelance technical writing for tech companies as well as create my own content on tech, productivity, and entrepreneurship to keep myself occupied.

So, take a look at my projects and content to see what I'm currently up to. And, if you have an idea you'd like to work together on, make sure to get in touch.

My Services

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    Fullstack Developer

    Whether it's a new marketing website or a fullstack application you need built. As a fullstack web developer I'm able to take your ideas and make them a reality using the latest technologies.

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    Technical Writer

    Regardless if it's documentation, explanations, or tutorials. I'm able to accomodate your needs and deliver high-quality technical articles that your platform and readers will love.

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    Content Creator

    Do you need content created for your brand account? Or, just want to get your product infront of an engaged audience? Regardless of your goals, social media can help you achieve them.

Want to work with me on a project?

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Featured Projects

  • Squares


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    As part of the Hashnode/PlanetScale hackathon in July 2022, I made Squares which is a GitHub analyitcs app to let people inspect their repos and commits in one central location.

My Other Projects

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    Murphy Wedding

    Getting married is an organisational nightmare so as a web developer I decided to make mine and my fiancée's life a bit easier by building a custom application for guests to manage their details through.


  • Grace Miller

    After working with Coner on several occasions, I've found that he's a thoughtful collaborator with excellent communication skills. I know that when I bring him onto a project, I can rely on a carefully researched and planned final product.

    - Grace Miller

    Content Strategist @ Prismic

  • Emily Kochanek Ketner

    Coner is a strong technical writer when writing about frontend development. He is consistent and thorough, presenting concepts in an easily-digestible format. He takes feedback constructively to improve his work and continuously strives to be a better technical writer.

    - Emily Kochanek Ketner

    Content Marketing Manager @ LogRocket

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