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#38 - Relax, Reflect, and React

Sometimes the best thing we can do is take a step back and do absolutely nothing towards our goals. That's exactly what I've been doing this week.

Hey Friends πŸ‘‹

Unfortunately, there isn't much to report in this week's edition. For the last week, I've been on vacation away from all things tech, development, and digital. Instead of writing code, replying to tweets, and making PRs; I've been swimming, kayaking, and doing my best to avoid tech.

But, instead of preaching about the benefits of exercise because let's face it, we all know them. I want to talk about the experience of stepping away from tech and forgetting about the digital world for a week and why I loved every moment of it.

Before going away, I was working flat out on various projects, including my new SaaS project idea, my wedding website πŸ‘€, blog posts, and Twitter all alongside my full-time job as a developer. So, it's safe to say free time was at a minimum. And, while I did go away with the intention of working on these things while I was on holiday, I'm so glad I didn't. Why?

Because instead of carrying on the grind and keeping the status quo going, it gave me time to relax, reflect, and react to the work I've been taking on.

So, after my week of reflecting, I've been thinking about my current content strategy and how I want to expand it out to other platforms like YouTube. YouTube is something I've wanted to do for a long time but either I haven't had the time or the content to make videos around. But, now with my blog starting up again, I can use the blog posts as content for videos as well as explore other areas I'm interested in like productivity, self-development, and entrepreneurship. In essence, the channel will become a place to combine the content from my more development-focused blog and self-development/productivity-focused newsletter; so if you enjoy this content, keep your eyes peeled. πŸ‘€

The only issue with this is the amount of time I have, that hasn't changed. And, because I haven't figured out how to get 26 hours in a day yet, I need to change how I work. So, as noted above, I have quite a lot of open projects, some of which are quite short-lived or don't need a lot of ongoing maintenance. So, the idea I'm currently running with is finishing off these projects to free up my attention to focus on the YouTube channel longer term.

Sorry to say, that's it for this week, sorry it's not a longer edition but unless you want to hear my kayaking stories I don't have much more to share. πŸ˜…

So, as always, thank you for reading my friends.

Coner x

Thought, Question, Challenge πŸ€”

  • Thought: The best way to reflect is to take a step back and observe from 1000 feet away.
  • Question: When did you last take a step back and observe how you spend your efforts?
  • Challenge: If your work and/or projects allow it, take a few days off them and see what processes or workflows could be improved and if any could be scraped to save time.

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