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#49 - Never Miss a Publishing Date Again

Creating content is hard, it takes a lot of time and energy to consistently show up so here are three tips so you don't miss a publishing date.

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Creating content is hard, it takes a lot of time and energy to consistently show up daily, weekly, or however often you create content. So, undoubtedly, there will be times in that journey when you have no idea what to write or make a video about.

I know for a fact there's been times over the last 48 editions of this newsletter that I've been in that situation and I've just cobbled together something at the last moment. So, in this week's edition, I wanted to share three tips I've personally used to help you not miss a publishing date for your content going forward.

1: Use your experiences

The first tip I have for you is to leverage your own experiences. The odds are you're creating content about something you do regularly or enjoy doing. This means you have an almost endless pool of experiences and possibilities to pull from just because you do the thing you're creating about.

For example, if you're a web developer making content about web development, you can use your day-to-day experiences as well as the things you've experienced over your career to make new content. Similarly, if you're big into productivity and personal development and read a lot of books and try out new "hacks", you can pull new content from these activities that you already do.

2: Lower the bar

If you've tried creating content as a hobby alongside your job or other interests you'll know how hard it is to regularly create content and show up on each occasion. But, a way to make the experience easier and avoid burnout, is to just lower the bar occasionally.

What do I mean by this? Well, let's say you write blog posts weekly and you typically aim for a word count of around 3000 words per post and for a few weeks you've been crushing that goal. But, suddenly you have a tough week and you haven't been able to commit the usual time to it that you would so you have only managed to make a 1500-word post. You could say that's not good enough and keep pushing to reach your goal, risking burnout and missing future weeks from the burnout. Or, you could admit you've had a tough week and just lower the bar for one week and then hit publish on your 1500-word post.

Sometimes life gets in the way and we can't produce the normal work we would and that's okay, maintaining our publishing streak and lowering the bar for one week is a lot better than skipping a week.

3: It doesn't need to be perfect

In a similar vein to the last point, don't stress about everything being perfect. We only have so much time and energy we can commit to a project and publishing something is better than publishing nothing so if one video or post isn't quite at your standard, still publish it.

Then in the next post or video, we can work on fixing the issues and problems we had because after all, there's always next time and the time after that. So, don't let chasing perfection prevent you from hitting publish on time because often missing a deadline just to fix one or two quality issues isn't worth it.

I've personally used all three of these tips at some point in the publishing history of this newsletter and they've worked so far to keep the weekly publishing going. Every edition hasn't been perfect or my best work but they've still happened every week and ultimately, I think that's the most important thing.

I hope you found the tips in this edition useful, and if you did please consider sharing this edition on social media so others can find it helpful too. πŸ™

Until next time, thank you for reading as always.

Coner x

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