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#3 - The Key to Achieving, Is Baby Steps

If we want to achieve our goals, we can't tackle them as a single monolithic piece of work but rather as a series of smaller steps, baby steps.

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I hope you're okay and have had a happy and productive week this last week? Here is your weekly Sunday Summary.

Today I wanted to talk about two things and how I've paired them together to help me achieve goals and hopefully will help you do the same.

Firstly, on a call throughout the week at work, I was listening to one of our Managing Directors talk about their past and how they realised that to achieve goals you need to break them down.

I mean we've all heard this advice, it's hardly new. But, the question that is never often answered is how far should we break them down?

What we were told on this call is to break down your goals so far that it is no longer scary to chase that goal and then over time these tiny goals will add up and you'll have made significant progress towards your original goal that was too large to confront.

Now, I agree with this idea wholeheartedly. A large goal can be debilitating and cause paralysis so breaking it down to make it more manageable makes complete sense.

Where I think we can improve this strategy further though is combining it with the GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology.

The process we described above involves breaking goals down into smaller chunks to make them more manageable but what it doesn't answer for us is what we need to focus on next.

GTD sorts this for us.

One of the primary principles of GTD is to focus only on what's next. Capture your goals, ideas and tasks, clarify them and then do them.

So if we take our more approachable goals from before, outline all of the steps required to take us from where we are now to where we need to be, we will create a roadmap taking us from our current situation to achieving our goal.

Then we just need to repeat the process for the other smaller goals, eventually leading us to achieving our original goal.

And, throughout the entire journey, we will never have to wonder what we're doing next because we always have a roadmap to follow. All we need to do is focus on what's next.

So, in summary. Take your goal, break it down into smaller goals, then outline all the steps/tasks required to take you from where you are now to achieving that first goal. Then repeat from your new situation to your next goal.

Don't worry about future tasks, just the next one.

Keep taking baby steps and you'll achieve anything you set your mind to.

What I've Been Doing

This week has been another hectic week of content creation, idea generation and working on my goals.

To start with, we did 2 more livestreams this week. One on refactoring the codebase of the PhyType website. And, another starting the design of the redesigned version of my website which will be hosted on Ghost.

Following this, I also created more Twitter threads on Content Creation, Personal Development and more.

I also have been reaching out to potential clients, intending to land my first client for PhyType before the year ends. I'll keep you all posted on how this is going.

On a non-work related topic, I've become completely obsessed with bouldering and highly recommend giving it a try if you have the opportunity. Tip Of The Week

Our most precious resource is time. Make sure you're spending it working towards the things you want and enjoy, not what others want.

Set your own priorities or someone else will do it for you.

What I've Enjoyed

This week, I, unfortunately, haven't had the time to consume as much content as I would like to have. But, I do have one podcast episode that I have greatly enjoyed listening to and that is when Alex Honnold went on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Check out the episode here

I also enjoyed the new Venom: Let There Be Carnage film and recommend giving it a watch if you can.

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