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#2 - If you died tomorrow, would it have been worth it?

Although a morbid thought, our time is limited and it's up to us to choose how to spend it. In this edition, that's the thought and question I grapple with.

Hey Friends πŸ‘‹

I hope you have all had an amazing and productive week. Here is your weekly Sunday Summary.

First of all, I want to apologise for the morbid subject line of this email and also because it's very clickbaity. πŸ˜…

Yesterday I watched the documentary Free Solo. It's based on a Free Solo climber called Alex Honnold.

Unlike traditional forms of climbing, Free Solo climbing is the discipline of climbing with no protection or safety gear at all. If you fall, well I don't need to tell you what happens if you fall from a few thousand feet above the ground...

Anyway, where I'm going with this is in the documentary, Alex talks about how he's come to terms that any day could be his last and he's happy he gets to spend every day doing what he loves, climbing.

It was a quick 2 or 3-minute scene in the film but it really sat with me and has made me think a lot since then. And, ultimately led me to the question. If tomorrow was your last day, would you be happy with how you spent your time?

I'll be honest with you, I've spent the last few years chasing promotions and more money. Sure, it's got me nice things and improved my life in ways but has it really been what I've wanted to do?

If tomorrow was my last day, would I really be happy with the way I've spent my time? I don't know is the honest answer.

But, the fact it's not a resounding yes worries me and means something needs to change.

So, that's why I'm starting to build out, my exit strategy. A plan that allows me to get to a point in life where I can work doing the things I want to do and not spend time on things I don't enjoy. So, hopefully, one day I can look at that question and say "Yes, I'm happy with what I've done."

Now, just to be clear I know we all can't just quit our jobs and go chase a wild dream we have that's unwise and definitely not a smart move. But, that's why I said I'm building an exit strategy not quitting my job.

I would heavily advise against quitting your job tomorrow to chase your dream. Instead, start planning, start building and start laying the foundations so in 6 months or a year from now you can quit your job and chase your dreams.

It pays to review our situation from time and time to see if we are heading on the right path. I encourage you to do the same and if you're like me and currently on a path you don't like. Start building your exit strategy so one day you are on the right path.

What I've Been Doing

This week has been a bit full-on, I've made some serious progress on the PhyType website which I did on multiple live streams throughout the week.

I've also got back into creating content on Twitter, making several threads throughout the week and joining in on the Build In Public community by tweeting about the work completed on the PhyType website.

I've also laid the foundations for a design of my upcoming personal website refresh and move to Ghost. Make sure to keep an eye on my Twitch and YouTube Channels as I'll be livestreaming the creation of a custom theme for my new website.

Tip Of The Week

Not everything you hear on the internet is gospal. Just because someone says something on the internet, doesn't mean it's true and you should believe it.

Instead perform your own research and validation before forming an opinion on the topic.

What I've Enjoyed

This week I've enjoyed a few things. First of all we have the documentary I mentioned at the start of this newsletter. It's available on Disney+ if you're a subscriber. If not, can be rented from other places.

Following this, here is a great talk on the Gumroad podcast about creating your own category / niche.

Finally, off topic from work but I have been seriously enjoying the new Coldplay album this week. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure.

This Week's Content

This week's content has been largely filled with streams on and YouTube, here is the link to the playlist if you wish to check them out. While you're there make sure to hit the subscribe button.

YouTube Livestream Playlist

I also put out a few threads on Twitter this week on a variety of topics, check them out below.

If you enjoy any of the content, please consider sharing it, I would appreciate it a lot.

I hope this coming week, is a productive, successful and happy one for you.

Thanks for reading.


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