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#60 - Consistency? Or, Wastefulness?

When is repeatedly doing something just being consistent in your efforts? And, when is it being wasteful?

Hey Friends 👋

I wanted to pose a question to you this week; when is repeatedly doing something just committing to your decision and being consistent in your efforts? And, when is repeatedly doing something a waste of your effort and should be stopped?

I've been thinking about these two questions a fair bit this last week, trying to work out where my time and efforts are best spent and where they are being wasted. While I don't have any answers for you, I do want to share something I found helpful during this process which is to take a step back and evaluate all the things you currently put your efforts into.

When you're in the moment it's hard to realize how many things we're actively working on and towards achieving but by stepping back we can see them all and evaluate them on their merits.

Now, It's often said that to be successful in our efforts and to see the fruit of our labors we need to persevere and consistently show up putting in the work. But, is there a point when we've shown up enough and extracted all the value there is to extract and we're now wasting time and effort that could be better used somewhere else?

I'd love to hear your answers and thoughts on these questions so hit reply and let me know. 📩

As always, thank you for reading.

Coner x

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