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#55 - The Best Type of Goals

This last week I've been reading more into stoicism and so far I've been left with one big takeaway. In this week's edition, I cover how this takeaway has changed my goals.

Hey Friends 👋

Over the last few days, I decided to give in and take a look at what some prominent creators like Ali Abdaal have been advocating for and that is Stoicism.

Now, I'm not far into the journey and have only just completed the first chapter or two of this book on the subject but already have been left with one powerful concept that has stroke a chord with me.

That is "not trying to control things that are out of our control". So instantly, I thought how does this apply to us as content creators and entrepreneurs building products in public?

Two examples come to mind. The first is how as creators we constantly try to control the outcome of our content. How can we get more likes, more subscribers, and more views? The second is similar but for entrepreneurs, it's how can we increase our MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) or how can we get more customers.

But, in reality, we can't control any of these things, we can't force someone to like something and we can't force someone to buy something to hit our goals. But, what we can do and is in our control is repeatedly performing tasks that have the possibility of causing those outcomes.

The difference now is instead of focusing on trying to control the outcome of getting more subscribers or customers, we're instead focused on posting one video per week or doing one marketing tweet per day for our product.

Because of this subtle shift in approach to our goals. We now have goals that we are fully in control of and that can't be influenced by external factors.

As an example of how I've shifted my approach and goals because of this thinking. My old goal would be something like "get XX new followers by the end of the year" but now it's "post at least one original tweet per day" and "post one new blog post every two weeks".

So, I'd love to hear how this way of thinking could influence your goals and targets for the rest of 2022, hit reply to this email and let me know.

As always, thank you for reading.

Until next time.

Coner x

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