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Hello and welcome to my website, portfolio and blog! I’m Coner Murphy and well I like to take photos and make video as a hobby mainly. I don’t have a specific type of photography I do, whatever takes my fancy really. I like to try my hand at anything that presents itself to learn and develop. Whats my favourite type of photography? Well, it would definitely be between landscapes, portraits of people and time lapses. They’re all great to look at! I’m based on the east coast of England meaning I do have plenty of opportunities for sunsets and sunrises although i tend to not be up early enough to get to them in time…

On this website you’ll find all my best photos in the portfolio and maybe some of the not so great ones in my blog to illustrate a point or two! With that being said make sure to check the blog out before you leave, it’s mainly around photography and cinematography so hopefully it’s to your liking.

I’m you’re interested in using my work for commercial uses then please contact me at info@conermurphy.com.


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