We all want to achieve our goals, we all want to control the end destinations of our journeys. But, by letting others make our decisions, this is exactly what we are forfeiting.

The truth is no-one likes making the tough decisions, no matter if it’s professional or personal. But, the reality is if we don’t make our own decisions then someone else will make them for us.

For generations, we have been stuck doing work we don’t want to do and working for someone we don’t want to. And, how did this happen? We let this happen because we let others make decisions for us.

Ever since the day we were born, people have been there calling the shots for us. When we were young, it was our parents saying what school we’re going. What clothes we’re going to wear. And, what job we need to get.

After our parents were our teachers; saying thing like, what subjects we need to study, what grades we need and, if we will be successful or not. Teachers told us if we will achieve our dreams by making pre-determined decisions for us. Did you ever get asked if you will achieve your dreams?

But, it didn’t stop with teachers. After the teachers were the group of individuals, who make money by telling people what to do. Bosses. Countless numbers of people spend their entire working lives doing what they are told to, how to do it, when to do it and how much they will pay they will have for it

We’ve been fooled our entire lives into thinking we have been in control the entire time. But, have we?

For our entire lives, we have been letting other people call the shots for us. And, where has it gotten us? Have we achieved our goals? Have we built a future we want?

But, today. Today, things are different. Today, we make the decisions. We choose to build the future we want. We choose to achieve our goals. We choose to chase our dreams.

Because at the end of the day. How does letting someone else, decide whether or not we achieve our goals, sound to you?

Make decisions and take control

We all have goals and dreams. We all want something we don’t currently have. If we want to achieve our goals, we need to grab our lives by the horns and make the tough decisions. The decisions that will allow us to achieve our goals.

Next time you have to make a decision. No matter how big or small it is, make a choice. Choose the option that puts you one step closer to achieving your dreams and the future you want to build.

“If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs”. – Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

It’s time to stop building others dreams. And, it’s time to start building our own.

I was subject to being told what to do. Being told what was good for me, what was bad and how I can become successful. And, during this time. I did everything that everyone wanted me to do, apart from the things I wanted to do.

Now, it’s different. Now, I’m building my dreams, achieving my goals by making my own decisions. When I have to make a decision, I choose the choice that helps me achieve my goals.

While this might come across as selfish to some, the truth is if we want to achieve our goals then we need to be selfish. We need to make decisions that are relevant to the goals we have.

However, taking this approach doesn’t mean you can’t help other people. Where ever possible, I aim to help others. But unlike before, I want to help others while building my dreams and achieving my own goals.

What decisions will you make towards achieving your goals?

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