🌟 Post Cross-posting 🌟

Cross-posting is one of the best ways to share and build traction on your content.

Here are some of my favourite places to share your content online and how to avoid SEO penalties when doing it. 1/9

1️⃣ Personal Website

Owning your own content is key, the last thing you want is for a third party platform to go offline and you lose all your hard work because of it.

So before cross-posting any posts, make sure you post them on your own blog/domain first. 2/9

2️⃣ Medium

Medium is a great platform for people to share content. It has millions of readers/month and allows you to submit your content to established publications that already have a following, giving you a great opportunity to find readers. 3/9



3️⃣ DEV

The DEV Community is another great platform to share content on. It's more tech-focused than Medium meaning the potential readership has a higher concentration of people willing to read/interact with. 4/9



4️⃣ Hashnode

Hashnode is the newest platform here but that doesn't mean it's any less powerful.

Hashnode has a dedicated following that's growing every day so it's a great way to get your content out there.




❗Avoiding SEO disaster ❗

It's great cross-posting in all these places but you want to make sure your domain gets all the SEO bonuses.

To ensure you get the credit, you can add a canonical link on each platform that points to your website as the ultimate source. 6/9

❗Setting up Canonical Links ❗



Hashnode: When writing an article > settings > Original URL



❓ Questions ❓

Got any questions relating to cross-posting your blogs? Or, some helpful info for others?

Be sure to drop it below for everyone to see and learn from. πŸ‘ 8/9

πŸ“ Blog Post πŸ“

If you're interested in reading more about cross-posting I wrote up a longer version of this thread as a post on my website. Check out the link below: 9/9



@ninan_phillip I always use cross posting as a way to market my blog.

I post on my blog first and then normally wait a day or two before cross posting.

I then add an intro to the cross post saying that the original content is always posted earlier on my blog so people can go there first.

@ninan_phillip Thank you for your kind words πŸ™