Before reading this article I recommend checking out the sandwich company advert I will be discussing. Watch it below.

While you’re watching, however. Think about it? What parallels are prominent to you? How is it conveyed to you, the viewer? And, how do you relate to the advert? Now, without further or do. Enjoy the video.

The World of Repetition…

The world we live in is unfortunately built on the idea of repetition. I can guarantee that at least 3 people in your life live on the concept of repetition.

They may not recognize it but they are. And, if we’re being honest with ourselves we are slaves to repetition too. Do you wake up at the same time every day? Do you have the same morning routine day in day out? Do you work the same hours, doing the same things?

Unfortunately, if you answered yes to any of those questions then you are living in the world of repetition. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but can you honestly say that you’re living to your full potential? Are you chasing your purpose?

I too am living in the world of repetition. Due to the way the world has been built if you want to just ‘get by’ or have it easy. You’ll soon find yourself working for someone else, doing the same job day in day out for the majority of your time.

However, this doesn’t mean we can’t work towards something more.

Stop repeating!

Repeating is fine as long as you’re repeating the right things.

When you’re working for someone else, working towards their goals and building their lives. Can you honestly say that you are growing as an individual and striving to be better than before?

Stop repeating activities for others goals and dreams. And, start repeating activities to achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations.

If you want to be a writer then repeat writing. Not data entry for a corporate organisation.

Look at your goals and dreams. Decide which activities will help you achieve them and which won’t. Then repeat the activities, make them a habit and eventually, your dreams will formulate.

I want to be a writer so I write. I make sure that at a bare minimum I write one Medium article and publish it. I’m always working on my craft, perfecting my art and building my dreams. I know it will be years before I get to where I want to be but in the end, the results will be worth it.

You are meant for more!

Just like I want to be a writer and live off the words I put down. Others including you will have your own dreams and aspirations of what you want to do with your life.

But you need to chase it. Start that today! Make sure you do at least one thing per day that pushes you to improve. Something that will make you one step closer to your goal.

This article was not intended to make you go quit your 9–5 to chase your dreams with nothing behind you. In the modern world, this would be simply insanity. If you have overhead: bills to pay, mouths to feed and a life to live then your savings won’t last long.

Instead, use your 9–5 to as a means to an end. Use it to have money coming in while you work on something bigger. Have the aim of leaving and chasing your dream full time but first of all you need to make your dream a real part-time job.

You’ll know when the time is right to take on your dream full time but if you don’t a good benchmark is when you’re making enough money to live on. This way you don’t have to worry about not having money to live on.

Hopefully, I have helped you begin your journey to achieving your goals. If so then please consider recommending this article so others can learn about the dangers of repeating activities.

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