Every year, millions of people decide in the new year they will become a new me, they will reinvent themselves. New year, new me has become something of a global phenomenon in recent years, but I have a problem with it.

Who said we have to wait till a new year to become a new person? My guess, it’s someone similar to the person who said we have to wait till Thursday to post a photo online.

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People love it.

People have become fixated on the new year, new me craze and to an extent, I understand why. People love routine in their lives and by starting a journey to change at the beginning of a new year gives them the chance to reinvent their routine and adapt to it. It’s natural for us to want to start from fresh and wipe the slate clean so it only makes sense to begin our new journey at the start of a new year.

Have you ever tried tracking a goal for a period? It can be hard to refer to data when you don’t have a memorable start date. For example, I began tracking all my finances online (keep tuned for an article about this) and, by starting this at the start of the year, I have an entire year worth of data to interpret and reflect upon at the end.

Essentially, the more data, the easier it will be to see patterns and trends which in turn we can learn lessons from. If you are going to track your goal(s) (which you should be), then you need to have a point of reference and the start of a new year fits that role nicely.

The Problem

While new year, new me has its reasons as you’ll see it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

My primary criticism of this system is, we have 365 days per year and, if we’re going to wait till the new year every time we want to make a significant change, then we’re going to be wasting a lot of time waiting about doing nothing. And, in our world, a world where if you want to succeed you need to be continually developing and evolving, we can’t afford to waste any time doing nothing.

Secondly, there is way too much pressure on being a ‘new me’ in the new year. Every year on new year’s eve everyone is asking “What’s your new year’s resolution going to be this year?” and when you tell them, guess what? They’re going to remember what you say. So, when you say you’re going to get fit in the new year and by March you still have all that Christmas weight, they’re going to judge you. And, I think I speak for most people when I say people don’t like to be judged.

I have a simple solution; change, adapt, develop, and evolve all year round. Don’t wait for the new year to be a  ‘new me’. Become a new me every single day of the year so when new year’s eve does come round you don’t need a resolution as you’re already making your dreams a reality without needing some tradition to enforce your guilt into action.

It might seem like a lot of work to change yourself every day. This is why you need to understand the power of habits in our lives. And, as it happens I have an article about that here.


With all this being said, don’t take this as me hating on people looking to make a change in their lives because I fully support those people and wish more people would begin doing it.

However, what I’m against is the idea that we need a single date in the calendar where we all decide how we will change, only for us all to drop it within a month. Why do we need this? What benefit does this serve us? Instead, we need to be working every single day to build a life we’re proud of.

New year’s eye served us well, it laid the foundations of change in our minds and that I’m thankful for, but now, it’s up to us, every single one of us to take them foundations and build them into something special.

Afterall, we are in this for the long-term not the short; we need constant adaptation and evolution not a single episode of it. Change today and live the life you want to. And, remember:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” – Marianne Williamson

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