Making a living as a writer is dependent on two things: 1) The writing we produce and, 2) The size and quality of the audience, we have managed to attract. With this mind, it still amazes me that to this day there are still writers using poorly designed headlines which don’t draw in any readers. This has to change. If we want lives as writers, we need an audience and to get an audience, we first need to master headlines.

Headlines are more than just a title; they are the sole entity that readers use to decide if they will read your article or not.

When you decide to read an article, book, story or, any other piece of literature; what primarily sparks your interest? The headline.

The headline is the most important aspect of our work for attracting new readers. Poor headlines, won’t entice the audience to click on your article and read. Instead, they keep scrolling.

Below are two examples of my work to highlight my point.

Which of these would you rather read? Which headline grabs your attention more as a reader?

If we want to master headlines then there are five attributes that we need to ensure all our headlines contain:

  1. Author’s action / Goal
  2. Audience hook
  3. Including a metric / Use of language
  4. The method
  5. Ensuring it’s relevant

By implementing all of these steps, we’ll master headlines and build a larger audience.

1. Author’s action / Goal

It’s important that we let the audience know what they are going to learn before they have opened your article. Hence, why the headline is so crucial.

The author’s action is exactly this. Within our headlines, we should share with the audience what we will be telling them and what they will learn if they decide to read your article.

For instance, if we look at the headline for this article:

Master Headlines and Build a Larger Audience with these Five Easy steps.

I’m showing how to build a larger audience; this is what the reader stands to learn by reading this article.

If we share the goal of the article, the readers know what they are getting and then have a reason to read the article.

2. Audience hook

To build an audience, we need readers and to get readers, we need to hook them.

One of the best ways I’ve found to do this is to include the how and why in the headline. The method and the product. This way, the reader isn’t blind to what the article contains and they can work out whether or not the article is what they need.

This transparency is what builds audiences, we’re showing them all our cards, and if it’s what they want, then they’ll read on. If it isn’t but it still interests them they might still read it or, even share it with someone who will find it more applicable.

The point is, if we want to build an audience, it’s pointless being secretive about our work. We have three seconds of exposure for readers to see our headline. In that time, they need to decide if the article is for them or not. How does being secretive help either the reader or us?

Master Headlines and Build a Larger Audience with these Five Easy steps.

In this article, I’m showing you how to build a larger audience via mastering your headline abilities. Within that half of the headline, you already know if the article will be what you’re looking for or not.