How to Schedule Tweets on an Android or IOS device

Scheduling Tweets

Scheduling tweets has been available on the web app for a couple of months now after it's initial release on 28th May 2020. But, there has been no movement on whether or not we are going to be able to do it on a mobile device, at present we can't and there's no signs of this changing any time soon.

So, instead of waiting around, I decided to come up with a different system for scheduling tweets on my phone.

Existing Solutions

Currently, the only mobile option we have is using 3rd party solutions. Services like Hootsuite and Buffer have been around for a while and offer varying services for us. However, unless you're scheduling a small amount of tweets you'll likely hit into a pay-wall that requires a monthly subscription to overcome.

However, even when disregarding the pay-wall I still personally find that a lot of 3rd party solutions don't quite live up to the experience that the original app offers, although this may change with Twitters API V2 being released soon but that's a post for another time. But, my main issue with using 3rd party solutions for scheduling tweets is I shouldn't need to. The web app has the feature already integrated, how hard can it be to port them over to the mobile app as well?

Sure, you get extra benefits and services when using these 3rd party apps but as I'm only interested in the scheduling feature, I can't justify paying for it.

My Solution

Now, some will argue that this isn't much of a solution and to an extent I agree, it's more a workaround but at least it's something.

I'm a big user of Notion which for the uninitiated is a web app that allows you to record notes, creates lists / spreadsheets and more. It's honestly really cool and I heavily recommend you check it out. In fact, I've got an upcoming post on how I use Notion in my daily workflow to organise myself and my projects as a web developer and if this is something you're interested in, please let me know over on Twitter.

Anyway, I digress. On Notion I have a Marketing page which is a space for me to plan and develop ideas of how I want to market the work I do like blog posts and side-projects. So, naturally in this master page, I included a space for Tweets and topics I want to cover.

Whenever I come up with an idea for a tweet or something that could be turned into a tweet, I open up my Notion app and record down the tweet idea along with what day and time I plan on tweeting it at.

This allows me to quickly note down multiple tweets without needing to worry about the fine details of the tweet or making sure the grammar is spot on. Instead, it's a space to leave ideas and topics that I can then later revisit when I come to actually scheduling them.

Scheduling Tweets

As I'm unable to schedule my tweets as I think of them using the app, I instead spend 15 minutes every evening refining the tweets I've recorded for the following day by checking the content of them, making sure the spelling / grammar are okay and making any media for the tweet, I then schedule the tweets via the Twitter web app.

I've found that because I wait till the end of the day to schedule the following days tweets I can focus on my daily work without getting distracted by making tweets and then in my allocated 15 minutes I can sit down and focus on finishing off the tweets.

By using my Notion page as a backlog of tweets, it allows me to present in my work and not get distracted with making content / perfecting the tweet. And, it also means I never need to worry about not having tweets ready to go or forgetting a tweet as I didn't schedule it their and then.

Overall, I would say this method has been helpful, it's not perfect by any means but without Twitter implementing it in the app I don't think we'll ever get a perfect solution. But, with the flexibility this system has given me along with allowing me to batch work on my tweets at a later date it has proven to be a great productivity booster.

With this all being said it will be interesting to see the new apps and solutions that are made using Twitters V2 API is released but only time will tell.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I would love to hear if you have a solution for scheduling tweets on mobile, if you do please share it with me @MrConerMurphy