2018 is now fully underway, and everyone has returned to their normal lives they lived before the Christmas break, and I wonder how many people have broken their new year’s resolutions they set themselves only a few days ago?

The truth is, we’re pretty useless at sticking to the things we say we will; it might be unreasonable goals or undefined milestones but whatever the reason, this year will be different.

While I was relaxing over the Christmas break, I came across people talking about the 52-week writing challenge, originally posted by The Writing Cooperative; this writing challenge intrigued me. So, naturally I investigated and now, today, 2nd January 2018, I have decided to accept your challenge Stella J. McKenna, 2018 will be my year for writing.

The Rules

There is only one rule for this challenge, and that is to write. The only rule to abide is one article must be published per week for the entire year.

Producing 52 pieces of writing is not difficult; some people manage that in a month. The difficult part is replicating the work, every single day, week, and month for the entire year.

But, I’m ready for this challenge so bring it on!

My Topics

For 52 weeks, every single week I will write one article on my blog at the minimum in my usual categories: Writing, Personal Development, and My Journal. But, naturally, I won’t just stick to these topics. If a story can be said, I will say it. This year, I’m not leaving a stone unturned, a page unread, all words will be spoken, and if I have an opinion, I’m going to share it.

In 2018, I will write more than I have before, I will explore more topics and, I will share my viewpoints. 2018 is the year for doing not dreaming.

Good Luck!

If you’re joining in the 52-week writing challenge, then be sure to tweet me about what you’re going to be writing about for the next 52 weeks. And, even if you’re not joining the writing challenge, if you have a new year’s resolution then be sure to share it so we can all motivate and celebrate together throughout the year.

Good Luck everyone and let’s smash this year!

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