Moving on is hard, it’s never easy. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t make forgetting about the old and embracing the new a less painful process. As humans, we tend to get hooked on feelings and emotions. These emotions, thoughts and, feelings get in the way of us making important decisions for our future. If we are to build a better future; we must accept the past and learn all we can from it.

The Problem

Stuff happens, we can’t escape that; it’s simply part of life, and we can’t control it. The problem occurs when people let this control them and their actions for an undisclosed period following the event(s) happening.

Letting emotions and feelings dictate your outlook on life and therefore the actions you choose to take is detrimental to your success for several reasons:

  1. Like a car, our bodies wear down the more stress and weight we carry around. Our minds need to use more energy and will-power to carry out normal day to day actions, meaning we have less overall energy for the activities and events we want to do.
  2. Reduced will-power makes us more susceptible to letting others dictate our decisions and the path we follow. I talked about this in my article: To Achieve Our Goals. We Need to Stop Letting Others Make Our Decisions.
  3. We can’t move on to new prospects in life by carrying around old junk. We simply, wouldn’t have room for the new stuff.

We want to grow, just like a plant. But, the more negative emotions and feelings (baggage) we bring with us from the past, the more we smother the light. From here, there are two possible outcomes.

  1. At best, the plant’s growth will slow and stagnate at a less than optimal rate leading to below par results.
  2. Or, the plant will die. Leaving nothing behind other than what could have been.

Don’t let the plant die. Instead, lose the baggage and grow into a wonderful bouquet of colour and variety. Here is my simple three-step plan, to accepting the past and moving onto a better future.