Often if presented with a choice, the majority of people choose the route of least resistance to our final goal. But, is this always the right thing to do? Does choosing the easy route really prepare ourselves for anything more than our current situation. If we are to learn and to grow as individuals, surely we must do something more?

How Do We Learn?

The process of learning and how we do it is not often thought about by most people on a regular basis. But, for something that goes as unnoticed as learning does, it does have a profound impact on the lives we lead.

For example, I recently started a new job, in a completely new field, that’s nothing like I’ve ever done before. So, naturally, there is a high quantity of learning to be completed.

How do these two facts relate to each other? 

They highlight the principles that underpin the entirety of learning.

To Be Uncomfortable Is To learn.

Learning something new can often be daunting and uncomfortable at first; if you’ve ever tried learning a new language you can attest to the sheer fear of the unknown you are presented with at the beginning.

After all, you’re trying to understand something that you literally can’t read and may have never seen before in your life. Frankly, you would be forgiven for saying it’s an impossible task.

But, then after some time. that same passage that once seemed impossible now seems nothing more than a passage of writing that could be in your mother tongue.

Hard times often strike fear at first but they provide one of the greatest opportunities for you to learn something new.

Bad Experiences.

I had the unfortunate experience of hitting someone else’s car recently, safe to say I felt like the lowest person can feel. Generally, I regard them feelings as some of the worst I have ever felt and never want to feel them again.

But, while I hated the experience at the time. In hindsight, it offered me one of the best learning opportunities. 

Once an activity becomes habitual, like driving, we never stop to evaluate our abilities in that given activity until we have a reason to. 

In this case, hitting someone else’s car was a great reason to stop, think about what happened and how I could learn from this incident to prevent it from happening again. 

In Summary.

Learning is a beautiful thing but for it to happen, we have to go through bad experiences and hard times to truly realise the lessons that are being presented to us.

And, while at first, it can be daunting to have these hard times and bad experiences and some, may even wish them away. Often, it is these very things that make us a better individual in the future.

I would love to hear about when you last learnt something as a product of a bad experience or a hard time.

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