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When you think of writing a book? If you’re anything like me. You think of the endless amount of pages and words that one must produce and layout on the paper in front of them. What a daunting thought this is. Well, today, I’m going to share how you can write 2 books a year with minimal effort and without having to give up your day job or your favourite hobbies!

The Maths

Yes, believe it or not, to write a book there are some maths involved. Didn’t think that back in high school did you?

Anyway, the average novella contains 17,500 to 39,999 words. Anything over this it’s a novel. Under a Novelette or Short Story. I think a Novella is a good medium for what new writers will produce. Some will go more, some will go less but a Novella seems to fit the many and not the few.

So, taking our 39,999 upper word limit and dividing this by the average typing speed of 40 words per minute. We get a total minutes of 999.975 which we will round to 1000 for ease. So, 1000 minutes would write a long novella. In hours this is a total of 16.6667 hours or more simply 17 hours. Which isn’t a lot at all, when you think about it.

But, we’re all busy people and even if we knew what we wanted to write. We don’t have the time to dedicate 17 hours outright to writing. Instead, I’m going to make a safe bet that we can all spare 10 minutes a day. And, at that rate in 102 days you will have a novella. Not bad at all.

Meaning if we wanted to write 2 books in a year. At a rate of 102 days per book we would be 80.5 days ahead of schedule before we needed to start on book 2 but…

In Reality

The real world is unfortunately not as clear-cut as the world of maths. There will be days where we don’t write. Similarly, not every day we are going to know what we want to write in the book or what’s happening next in our story.

This is why that 80.5 day buffer time is helpful to us. We can allow for mistakes. We can allow for days of thought. We can allow for days of laziness. We can allow for days of I can’t be bothered.

Not only will having this time allow us to be lazy it also allows us time to factor in some time to proofread, edit and amend. Which if you plan on publishing your book. (Which I hope you do). Then you will need this time to perfect your masterpiece.

What I’m saying is; aim for 10 minutes every day and you’ll be corse to writing a novel in 182.5 days or half a year. With the inclusion of time for not working and resting.

But if you’re not someone who likes rest and is a cold hard writing machine and you stick to the 102-day deadline per book. Then you will be able to crank out 3 novellas and have 59 days to spare which you could write a novelette or a short story in. If this is you, then I wish you the best of luck… you’ll need it.


So, if you wake up 10 minutes earlier, take a 10 minute shorter lunch break or stop watching TV for 10 minutes every day. You could have in a year, 2 novellas to your name!

But, if writing isn’t your thing but you still want to be productive. Check out my article on how you can easily make your time to relax more productive here.

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