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6 ways to half website load times

6 Simple Ways to Half Your Websites Load times

We all know the frustration, we find a website that answers our problems but as soon as we try to load it. We get the infinite loading circle. Our computers are working away but...
make goals easy with 20 rule

Make Goals Easy with the 20% Rule!

What are your goals? Is it to save more money, learn a new language, learn a new talent. Does your goal have a quantifiable means of achievement? That’s basically a fancy way of asking...
great free images

Get great, free images for your work!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve wondered how people manage to get such great looking freeimages for their work. Whether it be: website design, blogging, photo editing or even to share to people. All...
How to edit writing like a pro

Edit writing like a pro!

Everyone in the modern world is preaching how good writing is for you and I couldn’t agree anymore with them. It’s an awesome activity with too many pros to mention here. But, there is one...
writing 2 books a year

Write 2 books a year! With minimal effort!

When you think of writing a book? If you’re anything like me. You think of the endless amount of pages and words that one must produce and layout on the paper in front of...