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retain audience attention using the rule of cutting

Retain Your Audience for Longer by Using the Rule of Cutting.

Writing is about getting your point from your head into your readers head. The medium is not important and for the sake of this article, neither is the message. The bit we are focusing...
Best thing i did is not waking up early

Not Waking Up Early Is the Best Thing I Did for My Productivity

People are hung up on belief being productive is a result of being part of the 3 am club. Let me tell you, why they’re wrong. In the past, I firmly believed in the mentality...
How to master headlines with five easy steps

Master Headlines and Build a Larger Audience with these Five Easy steps.

Making a living as a writer is dependent on two things: 1) The writing we produce and, 2) The size and quality of the audience, we have managed to attract. With this mind, it...
6 ways to half website load times

6 Simple Ways to Half Your Websites Load times

We all know the frustration, we find a website that answers our problems but as soon as we try to load it. We get the infinite loading circle. Our computers are working away but...
make goals easy with 20 rule

Make Goals Easy with the 20% Rule!

What are your goals? Is it to save more money, learn a new language, learn a new talent. Does your goal have a quantifiable means of achievement? That’s basically a fancy way of asking...
great free images

Get great, free images for your work!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve wondered how people manage to get such great looking freeimages for their work. Whether it be: website design, blogging, photo editing or even to share to people. All...