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Happiness Is a Product of Procrastination

Happiness Is a Product of Procrastination

We have a lousy relationship with procrastination. We demand productivity in all of our endeavours. But, have you noticed how we’re never happy with just being productive? It’s because we’re missing something. Procrastination. Happiness...
three successful attributes

Three Attributes of Successful People. And, How You Can Have Them too.

The human body is made up of over six hundred muscles. But today I won’t be talking about any of these muscles. Instead, I will be talking about three muscles that contribute to who...
writers 3 questions

3 Questions All Writers Need to Ask Themselves.

What it takes to become a writer Being writers in the modern, hectic world we live in, is a blissful experience. That is without the crazy deadlines, constant amendments and endless work we surround ourselves with...
How many plates are you spinning

How many plates are you spinning?

Every day, people around the world set out with goals in their mind with what they want to accomplish. However, there’s an issue; it isn’t that they have multiple goals but rather that they...
How to have successful habits

How You Can Have Successful Habits in 3 Easy steps!

We all have habits. Both good and bad. And, we all want to improve on the bad ones, don’t we? Well, today. I’m going to be sharing with you a simple method of noticing your...
sandwich company and work

How a Sandwich Company Summarised the World of Work in 30 seconds

Before reading this article I recommend checking out the sandwich company advert I will be discussing. Watch it below. While you’re watching, however. Think about it? What parallels are prominent to you? How is it...