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three successful attributes

Three Attributes of Successful People. And, How You Can Have Them too.

The human body is made up of over six hundred muscles. But today I won’t be talking about any of these muscles. Instead, I will be talking about three muscles that contribute to who...
writers 3 questions

3 Questions All Writers Need to Ask Themselves.

What it takes to become a writer Being writers in the modern, hectic world we live in, is a blissful experience. That is without the crazy deadlines, constant amendments and endless work we surround ourselves with...
18 lessons from 18 years

18 Lessons from 18 Years.

I turned 18 years old last Sunday. YAY for me, right? Finally, in the UK at least, I can do whatever I want (within the bounds of the law that is). Although, I know...
great free images

Get great, free images for your work!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve wondered how people manage to get such great looking freeimages for their work. Whether it be: website design, blogging, photo editing or even to share to people. All...
How to edit writing like a pro

Edit writing like a pro!

Everyone in the modern world is preaching how good writing is for you and I couldn’t agree anymore with them. It’s an awesome activity with too many pros to mention here. But, there is one...
morning activities

5 morning activities that’ll make you great!

Morning routines for most people are just a period of time where both your body and mind are on complete autopilot. You’ve done the activities so many times, in the same order and at...