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Happiness Is a Product of Procrastination

Happiness Is a Product of Procrastination

We have a lousy relationship with procrastination. We demand productivity in all of our endeavours. But, have you noticed how we’re never happy with just being productive? It’s because we’re missing something. Procrastination. Happiness...
How many plates are you spinning

How many plates are you spinning?

Every day, people around the world set out with goals in their mind with what they want to accomplish. However, there’s an issue; it isn’t that they have multiple goals but rather that they...
18 lessons from 18 years

18 Lessons from 18 Years.

I turned 18 years old last Sunday. YAY for me, right? Finally, in the UK at least, I can do whatever I want (within the bounds of the law that is). Although, I know...
sandwich company and work

How a Sandwich Company Summarised the World of Work in 30 seconds

Before reading this article I recommend checking out the sandwich company advert I will be discussing. Watch it below. While you’re watching, however. Think about it? What parallels are prominent to you? How is it...
make goals easy with 20 rule

Make Goals Easy with the 20% Rule!

What are your goals? Is it to save more money, learn a new language, learn a new talent. Does your goal have a quantifiable means of achievement? That’s basically a fancy way of asking...
how quitting will make you grow

How Quitting Will Make You Grow

A few months ago, I was in a job which I hated and didn’t want to be in. I couldn’t see where it could take me apart from the world of boredom and anxiety. I...