how quitting will make you grow

A few months ago, I was in a job which I hated and didn’t want to be in. I couldn’t see where it could take me apart from the world of boredom and anxiety.

I wanted to have something better. I thought I was destined for more.

But there was a problem…

Everything pointed towards me quitting. But, I was constantly told to keep going just for the money. They would say “think of the money” or “people your age aren’t making this kind of money”. And for a time I believed them and that’s what I did.

But then I realised that money wasn’t everything to me.

So eventually after a few months of thinking, dwelling, making my anxiety worse and getting to an all-time low, I knew it was time. I quit. With no new job lined up and no certainty other than I would be unemployed, I set out on the world.

In the 2 months of not having a job, I had plenty of time to think and reflect on myself as an individual.

I tried many new hobbies like running a YouTube channel, Photography and Writing. Through those experiences, I learned that running a YouTube channel is fun at first but then I got bored and found it a chore. Photography was great but I struggled to find the time but writing, however. I know now writing is something I love and want to do more of.

So, that’s what I did while I looked for work.

Now 2 months on from leaving my last job, I’m in a new job which I like the challenge of and I find a lot more enjoyable. But this job wouldn’t have existed if I didn’t have the time to grow and develop.

I needed the time to grow, develop and change as a person and think of what I want to do next. That time off work allowed me to do just that.

I had to quit to grow. I quit one opportunity to grow another. Shut one door and open another.

I understand this isn’t possible for everyone in the world but for me, it worked and hopefully, it will for you too. Just remember it’s okay to take a break but you have to get back to work at some point.

If you are in a similar situation that I was then I wish the best for you because I know what it feels like. If you want to ask me any questions about anything then tweet me here.


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