Happiness Is a Product of Procrastination

We have a lousy relationship with procrastination. We demand productivity in all of our endeavours. But, have you noticed how we’re never happy with just being productive? It’s because we’re missing something. Procrastination. Happiness is a product of procrastination. We need to be happy with doing nothing productive. Let’s change our relationship with procrastination.

When we look at the definition of procrastination, it’s easy to understand why we associate with it being bad.

“The action of delaying or postponing something.”

Looking at this definition, I find I come back to the idea, that we demand everything to be complete as soon as possible. And, this demand has mentally rewired us as a species, we now feel this horrible guilt if we aren’t productive all the time.

But, this doesn’t make you happy. I know because I’ve tried it. I tried being productive all the time, always working on my next project. And, Guess what? I wasn’t happy.

With deadlines always looming, I became stressed, anxious and unhappy with the work I produced. Part of this, I put down to being a perfectionist, but it’s also because I had no time to relax and just think. I didn’t let myself accept that happiness is a product of procrastination.

Procrastination is a good thing!

Procrastination is more than just being unproductive. When we procrastinate, we allow ourselves time to think. Time to develop thoughts on both our existing and new projects. We can step back for a minute, re-adjust and think our way through problems before jumping back in and carrying out our actions.

Have you ever got so stressed from your day that you want to do nothing else but brake down and scream?

What will us being productive do in this state?

It will only fuel the fire and make it stronger. So, instead, procrastinate. Put the work off for a bit, chill out and let the fire burn out. Then with a cool, calm and collected head return to your work, and you’ll be twice as productive then if you worked through the stress.

Have you gone for days without being happy? Without genuinely smiling at something?

I have. And, usually, this is stress and unhappiness getting on top of you. This is why it’s so important to understand that happiness is a product of procrastination. We need to put off our work and give ourselves some ‘me’ time to do whatever we want, this way we’ll be happy.

Happiness is not a product of continuous work; we have not evolved to be workhorses. We were created to be more; we were meant to be happy. And, happiness is a product of procrastination. We may not choose to accept that fact, but it’s still a fact.


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