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Morning routines for most people are just a period of time where both your body and mind are on complete autopilot. You’ve done the activities so many times, in the same order and at the same time that you could practically do the tasks asleep. Well, how productive and beneficial is that…

So, instead, here are 5 activities that if you do every single morning. You will not only feel a healthier and better person but you will also greatly increase those chances of success that we all seek.


I think I would be wasting my time if I sat here explaining all the benefits of exercising to you. Instead, I’ll mention all the great things exercising in the morning will give you: You’ll start your day in a great mood, you’ll be more productive, your metabolism will get a boost, you can burn more fat if you run before breakfast. And, best of all you will have lower levels of anxiety and stress for the day.


Meditation over the past few years has been kicking up a big fuss. With all the new studies being launched into, expressing why you need to do it. It’s a wonder we are not all monks by now. However, some people still don’t know all of the great things that can come from meditating in the morning. So, here are four: Improved concentration, Bothered less by small things, Better health and a better understanding of yourself.


Reading is commonly regarded as the one activity that everyone wants to do but no-one really does. This is partly down to the dawn of the digital age and partly down to us being lazy. But, if we want to be successful that needs to stop! Put down your phone and pick up a book if you want these great benefits in your life: Stress Reduction, Increased Knowledge, Increased Mental Stimulation, Improved Memory and an Improved ability to focus and concentrate.


Everyone has a side project. Or well they should anyway. The problem is, not alot of people actually work on them. They come up with a whole load of excuses such as: Too busy, Costs too much or it’s not possible. Well, screw them! You need to work on a side project and the morning is the best time. No one is around to bother you so you can make meaningful progress on that side project. Then one day, that project could become your full-time job or you might get a better day job from that side project. Who knows what could happen.

Cold shower

Cold showers are not fun. I will be the first person to admit this. They are hard but they are worth it! Cold showers bring all sorts of benefits with them, such as: Building strong willpower, Improved Emotional Resilience, Reduced Stress Levels, Increased Alertness and Stimulate Weight Loss. All awesome benefits for just a few moments of suffering!


In conclusion, these are just 5 activities that you can do in the morning to make your unstoppable on your quest to become great and successful in your life. They all have benefits so even if you only manage to do one of them, you will still benefit and it is a start!

Hopefully, this has helped you develop a more meaningful and beneficial morning routine for yourself. If you did find this helpful then I would be very grateful if you could share this post so others can find it helpful too!

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