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Build a better future by accepting the past

3 Steps to Build a Better Future by First, Accepting the Past.

Moving on is hard, it’s never easy. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t make forgetting about the old and embracing the new a less painful process. As humans, we tend to get hooked on...
5 lessons from my first black-tie event

5 Lessons My First Black-tie Event Taught Me

I had the immense pleasure of recently being invited to an awards dinner covering my county, it’s a prestigious event where all the local businesses and entrepreneurs get together for a night of great...
Achieve our goals, stop letting others make our decisions

To Achieve Our Goals. We Need to Stop Letting Others Make Our Decisions.

We all want to achieve our goals, we all want to control the end destinations of our journeys. But, by letting others make our decisions, this is exactly what we are forfeiting.The truth is...
Best thing i did is not waking up early

Not Waking Up Early Is the Best Thing I Did for My Productivity

People are hung up on belief being productive is a result of being part of the 3 am club. Let me tell you, why they’re wrong. In the past, I firmly believed in the mentality...
How to master headlines with five easy steps

Master Headlines and Build a Larger Audience with these Five Easy steps.

Making a living as a writer is dependent on two things: 1) The writing we produce and, 2) The size and quality of the audience, we have managed to attract. With this mind, it...