#10 — Forget about others

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in the last few years especially is if you want to be happy then you can’t be worrying about what every person thinks about you and what you do.
In the past, I’ve tried thinking of the implications that each one of my decisions will do. All that happened is I became very anxious about everything I do. I didn’t want to upset anyone, so I did nothing at all.
Now looking back on this. It was the absolute worst possible thing that I could have done. As I have learnt as have many others. It is always better to do something and upset people than to do nothing and try and please everyone.

#11 — You will find love. Just give it time

Love is a funny thing. It’s not just something that you find under a rock. You aren’t going to be wondering along one day and then suddenly you’re in love. Love is something that has to be worked on. You work with someone for love. But you know that it is love when it doesn’t feel like work.
The reason many people claim they can’t find love is either they can’t find someone to try and work with, or they just give up. And, when someone gives up working then relationships and love don’t work anymore.
Personally, it had taken me my entire life so far to find the one person that I actually want to spend all my time with. The person that makes me work feel like play. The person that I can actually say I love. But I only found this person just over a year and a half ago. Up until then, I was lost searching under rocks, waiting for it to happen.
What I’m saying is. If you give love time and attention, pay attention to people and get to know them then love will happen. You just have to be patient and work at hard.

#12 — Get out there!

Exploring the world and the places we live is one of the greatest pleasures we can afford to do in this world. A lot of us will want to travel the world, I included, but if you have ever looked at flights and hotels, you know how expensive it is.
But, it doesn’t cost a thing to walk around your neighbourhood and explore. I bet there’s plenty of places near to you that you have never seen.
Just walk about and explore. Take time away from your day and go relax, think and enjoy.
Personally, walking around in the afternoon or evening allows me time to think. I can reflect on a problem that’s been bugging me or a project I want to start. Or even before a big decision, I will usually go for a walk and think about.
Getting outside allows us these luxuries.

#13 — Enjoy freedom (From liabilities)

While we’re young, we don’t have responsibilities. We don’t have to worry about making rent each money, paying for shopping or running a car. Or, even going to a job. When we’re young, we are as close as we can be to the real definition of ‘free’ as we will be in our entire lives. So enjoy the time.
Because there will come in a time when the liabilities hit you. When you have to start paying rent or needing a job. And, once you’re in the liabilities grasps that ain’t no getting out. Until you retire, I guess.

#14 — You have plenty of time from careers

One of the trends I noticed very early on in my secondary education was the underlying desire for the system to force you onto a career path.
There is constant mention of what do you want to do when you get older. Do you want to be a doctor? A lawyer? A scientist? And, so on.
This is daunting but doesn’t worry. If someone can explain to me how it is rational thinking to make a bunch of 15/16-year-olds decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives in one school year, then I’ll give them a medal. It is simply unrealistic and a stupid idea.
I left school over 2 years ago and still have 0 ideas what I want to do for the rest of my life. I know I want to write, maybe that’s what’ll do? But how knows? How does anyone know what they will be doing in 5 or 10 years time?
Simply, don’t worry if don’t know what you want to do. You have your entire life to find the career you love.

#15 — Give it your all!

Everyday. Day in day out. Give life everything you have got. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. Learn, work, grow and build on what you did yesterday. And, whatever you don’t become stagnant in one position. However, if you do. Find a way out and then do it. If it means leaving your job, quit. Just make sure you keep working towards your goals with every last bit of effort you have.
After all, our time on this planet is limited so don’t waste any of it.

#16 — Money isn’t everything. (Don’t become a materialist)

Growing up there is always something you want. A pair of shoes, a new game or a new toy. Everything costs money, the older we get, the harder this truth sets in. But we need to make sure one thing doesn’t happen to us.
We can’t let our happiness become dependent on materialistic things.
We need to be happy within ourselves, the people we around and the actions we choose to do. We need to be happy with how we want to spend our time.
We can’t let the objects we buy dictate our happiness.
In this world, everyone is a consumerist that is true. But it doesn’t mean we can’t be happy with ourselves. Too often we find people in this world who aren’t happy unless they have the newest piece of technology or the newest car or the latest fashion trends. If we rely on these things to be happy, are we really happy?

#17 — Have fun and enjoy life!

Throughout this whole piece, the message I’ve been trying to get across is ‘enjoy yourself’. Afterall, we have one life so we might as well enjoy it. Take opportunities, take risks and get out there in the world. We live once so we might as well make it a good one. If you want something, then go get it. You want to do something then go do it. Just make sure when our time comes we can say we give it a bloody good go and it was fun!
After all, in the end, how much will all your money be worth? Nothing to you or me.
Oh, one more thing…

#18 — I know nothing…

After all, I am only 18. And when was the last time you took advice off an 18-year-old on how to live your life?


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